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    New Home

    October 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

New Home

By Matthew Payor

Recently the hard work of some incredible staff at UNSW has come to fruition with a huge expansion of the UNSW Makerspace Network, where essentially 3 new workshops have opened up around the campus for everyone to work on projects, research and share resources. As a part of that, FLU has been moved to a new spot: we have an alcove in the Tyree (Renewables) Makerspace.

This spot came with some shelves but we wanted to incorporate the BAC cabinet we have into this alcove, and have a mixture of large shelves for crates and small drawers and shelves for components and compartment boxes. So Daniel Mann, Sarah Stormont and I embarked on some furniture making escapades.

Since we like to spend our money on stuff for drones, we had to use material that was at hand. The original shelving unit provided with the alcove had 18mm wood shelves, and a lot of the tables in the Makerspace had their reinforcing struts removed, so between those and some munched up form and structural ply leftover from a building site, I designed something to occupy our alcove.

Designed to be CNC’d on one of the Design Futures Lab router tables, joints were made to be self aligning and require little post work after coming off them machine besides glue, screws and paint. From the renovations that birthed our new alcove, there was some leftover wall paint in grey, so we made use of it.

One challenge that presented itself was that I wanted a full width table area at the height of the top of the BAC cabinet. This meant that the top shelf above needed to be significantly cantilevered to allow for an uninterrupted torso height working area. We bent some of the steel bar and routed channels in the underside of the top shelf for them to press into to arrest any worries of a wobbly top shelf. The tolerances were loose enough that we could bend the bar by hand with blocks and clamps.

So yeah, welcome to our new home as of 2019.


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