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New Home

Welcome to our new home as of 2019, the UNSW Tyree Makerspace!

How does Wren get off the ground?

We have begun experimenting with the use of UAVCAN for servo control, battery monitoring and other telemetry.

Build Positive

We posited that a single positive layup of the entire skin that grips tightly to a core with adhesion along the full surface area would make full use of the benefits of a composite skin – although bound to produce an uglier surface.

Preliminary Research On The Optimisation of Flying Wings In Forward Flight

Typical washout, or wing twist, is implemented to create a negative angle of incidence on the outboard section of the wing. Its combination with a sweptback wing creates a sufficient pitch-up moment arm to balance that of the main wing, trimming the aircraft.

Quick and Simple Wings for WREN’s First Prototype!

We have manufactured using a simple laser-cut rib design, consisting of spaced ribs and supporting struts across the length of the wings. This was combined with foamboard leading and trailing edges.

Vacuum Unit and Foam Moulds

There’s something terribly satisfying about flicking one of those old, really strongly detented switches. So we made it so you have to switch three of them to start the pump.

Cost effective method for making moulds for composites

Even though gel coat will give you the best finish, PVA works wonders! It’s cheap and very easy to work with.

Welcome to the FLU Build Blog!

Welcome to the Flight Labs UNSW Build Blog!