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New Home

By Matthew Payor Recently the hard work of some incredible staff at UNSW has come to fruition with a huge expansion…

How does Wren get off the ground?

By Marco Alberto Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, trust the software to mess up! I’ve been working…

Build Positive

By Matthew Payor This article is about the manufacturing processes we’ve developed with Wren V1, with focus on foam core positive…

Preliminary Research On The Optimisation of Flying Wings In Forward Flight

By Read Liston Longitudinal Stability and Trim The differentiation of stability and trim is an important factor in the design of…

Quick and Simple Wings for WREN’s First Prototype!

By Daniel Wong After 2-3 long nights of preparation and manufacturing, Arfin and I built quick wings for our first prototype…

Vacuum Unit and Foam Moulds

By Matthew Payor This article is about the initial setup of a portable vacuum unit for performing layups.  Here’s some action…

Cost effective method for making moulds for composites

By Anthony Sobbi At FLU we’ve been experimenting with a cost-effective method to make moulds for our carbon fibre parts.  Here…

Welcome to the FLU Build Blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Flight Labs UNSW Build Blog! At FLU we are working towards developing more content and insights…